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Firewood in Larchmont, NY

When you plan a big event or just want to get ready for the next cold season, you need to stock up on high-quality firewood. Firewood keeps your campsite warm, gets a bonfire roaring, and creates that cozy holiday atmosphere.

No matter what your firewood needs are, come to Tony’s Nursery. We supply kindling and firewood in Larchmont, NY, year-round so you can always create the toasty atmosphere you’re looking for.

Cut and Seasoned Firewood

When you head out for a camping trip to one of the beautiful parks in Westchester County, you’ll need a campfire to keep you warm in the evenings and give you a place to cook your supper — or at least roast marshmallows.

In New York, it is unlawful to cut your own firewood without a permit. You also need to use local firewood to reduce the spread of pests and parasites, so you should not purchase firewood elsewhere and bring it with you for a camping trip or bonfire. Rather than gathering firewood yourself, which can be time-consuming and may not be fruitful, purchase firewood for sale from a reputable vendor.

At Tony’s Nursery, we plant a variety of trees year-round, which gives us the stock we need to have firewood available year-round as well. All our firewood is cut and seasoned (meaning the wood has had time to dry out) so it burns well and will fit into your fire pit or fireplace.

We’re also able to use our resources to stock kindling to help you get fires started wherever you are, whether at home or enjoying the countryside.

Decades of Experience

Tony’s Nursery has provided plants to the residents of Westchester County for over 100 years, beginning first in 1899. With generation upon generation of experience, we know what plants grow well in Larchmont, NY, and how to safely avoid common pests and parasites.

Whether you’re looking for plants for your garden or firewood for sale in Larchmont, NY, stop by our location 2285 Boston Post Road or give us a call at (914) 834-2172.